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Omer Pasha Music Videos & Productions

Omer Pasha Music Videos

Vancouver,BC-Los Angeles,CA
Omer Pasha collaborates with 25 Vancouver, BC artists and produces a vast number of music videos.
For the past 6 years, Omer Pasha has been producing short films and music videos in Vancouver, BC, Canada and has been exhibiting with the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival in New York City, Manhattan and Hollywood, Los Angeles.
In 2011 and 2012 Pasha finally combined with a number local Canadian actors, actresses, models and dancers locally in Vancouver, BC and produced a series of new short films and music videos with brand new electro rock music. Sexually stimulating portrayal of passion and love, style, fashion, dancing, midnight atmosphere, late night themes and catchy club mixes turned Omer Pasha into a successful film maker.

Omer Pasha Movies have received a tremendously, positive and encouraging response from the local Vancouver Community.

To name a few from the double feature length music video and short film compilations that have been featured at the galas:

1. The Cal Crew (Caucasian Love Returned)
2. California Midnight Movies
3. California Midnight Women (Revised Edition)
4. The New World Order
5. Who Are You (Feature Musical)
6. Come To Me (French Edition)
7. The Cal Crew (Las Vegas Edition)
8. The Cursed Riddles of California
9. Vancouver Midnight Movies
10. The Cal Crew (Sequel)
11. Oklahoma Maryland Midnight Rituals

The Cal Crew is a tribute based on Pasha's friends particularly from the US: Arizona,Wisconsin,
California, Arkansas, Alaska, Florida, Massachusetts and New York. The main song “Sitemail (Midnight Explanation)” gives a final message to his friends that its ok to be a pornstar, all judgment is wrong when the love is so strong and the bonding of the souls on a chat and cam show is so amazing.

California Midnight Movies sprout from a small town in Los Angeles, “Glendale.” Pasha escapes, flies and runs from witches and demons that want him not to meet caucasian people,“ the loves of his life.”
This action-movie style musical saga extends over Sacramento, San Diego, Santa Barbara and all over Los Angeles,Hollywood etc. Pasha breaks all curses with the power of spirituality.

“California Midnight Women (Revised Edition)” and “The Cursed Riddles of California” are music video movies that are a reflection Pasha's hardcore orgies with both white women and white men over the past several years in his personal life. The music videos depict joy and happiness gained from the pleasure. The two double feature compilations are also a celebration when Pasha has broken all curses.

“The New World Order,” Pasha was inspired to make this musical solely based on a single event in his personal life; his supernatural meeting with Dajjal-The Anti-Christ, a political leader from the future.

The title song “You Let It Come (Radio Mix)” is sung by Pasha for Satan, to the Devil. The song suggests that when Dajjal is unchained from his island, “will you under-estimate Christ?”
When Dajjal establishes the new world order and has left the world, the “devil's respite time has died” and the end of the world is indeed near.

“Vancouver Midnight Movies” are a patriotic tribute to the city and people of Vancouver; for being the most glamorous, peaceful and party oriented city in Canada. Local actors and dancers parade over Surrey, New Westminster, Burrard Street, Robson Street, Davie Street and all over downtown Vancouver in a celebration of the city's happiness and fancy life style.

All camera-work, editing, productions, vocalization of songs have solely been done by Omer Pasha for all music videos and short movies.

Omer Pasha creates “The Soul of Cole” Musical, a compilation of 29 music videos based mainly on Arizona and Florida. With a genre of pop/rock/electronic/experimental music, the music videos transcend a new level of extreme glamour, style and energy in the Hollywood Industry. The musical, music videos are a symbolism of orgy love with both men and women beautified as a celebration of dance and style in music video form. The track “The Rise of Shay” is inspired by Madonna’s Vogue music video and a friend of Pasha’s. The title track “Arizona” is dedicated to all the people of Arizona. All vocals are performed by Omer Pasha and is currently in process of launching this brand new album “Club Kelan”.All productions have taken place in Vancouver, BC, Canada with local actors and actresses. For the past 1 year all Omer Pasha Music Videos have dominated the local gala events in Vancouver.

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