Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Favorite Good Charlotte Songs and Music Videos

Favorite Good Charlotte Songs and Music Videos.

its my most favorite band in this whole world. better than all those bands in Los Angeles.

Favorite Good Charlotte Songs and Music Videos:

  1. Girls & Boys
  2. Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous"  
  3. Emotionless
  4. Hold On
  5. Wondering
  6. Like It's Her Birthday 
  7. Last Night 
  8. Million Tears
  9. Misery  
  10. The River
  11. Dance Floor Anthem 
  12.  Keep Your Hands Off My Girl 
  13. Victims of Love
  14. Where Would We Be Now
  15. Break Apart Her Heart"
  16. All Black" 
  17. Beautiful Place 
  18. Something Else 
  19. Broken Hearts Parade 
  20. March On
  21. The Chronicles of Life and Death 
  22. Walk Away
  23. I Just Wanna Live 
  24. We Believe"  
  25. "It Wasn't Enough
  26. Mountain
  27. The World Is Black
  28. The Truth
  29. Secrets
  30. Ghost of You
these are just a few to name. i love all these songs. die-hard fan. i love each and every of these songs. i think Deano is such a humble and nice person. Joel's voice is, im like soo  familiar to his voice. benji is mine. billy does good artwork and paul is nice BUT JOSHHHHHHHH should be in the band too. the people of Los Angeles dont realize how lucky they are to be blessed with such a band in their town. best band in the whole world. no kidding... i love them all and all the songs. i will put up music video links later.

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