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Omer Pasha Movies at Cannes Market 2010

'Omer Pasha Movies' will feature at Cannes Market 2010 ; A colossal compilation of shorts and documentaries.


(PRWEB) May 5, 2010

Paris-France Omer Pasha Cannes 2010 Lineup includes:

1. Omer Pasha Movies 1: Duration: 1hr 7 minutes
2. Omer Pasha Movies 2: Duration: 1hr 1 minute
3. Omer Pasha Movies 3: Duration: 2hrs 5 minutes
4. The Curse: Duration: 20 minutes
5. Come To Me: Duration: 1hr 30 minutes

All films are viewable at Cannes 'Video Library'/'Cannes Screening Room' at Cinando.com. Viewable by members and participants only. Links to Cannes Video Library for Omer Pasha Movies;
1. http://www.cinando.com/DefaultController.aspx?PageID=FicheFilm&IdC=7466&IdF=89102
2. http://www.cinando.com/DefaultController.aspx?PageId=FicheFilm&IdC=7466&IdF=89104
3. http://www.cinando.com/DefaultController.aspx?PageId=FicheFilm&IdC=7466&IdF=89105
4. http://www.cinando.com/DefaultController.aspx?PageID=FicheFilm&IdC=7466&IdF=41978
5. http://www.cinando.com/DefaultController.aspx?PageID=FicheFilm&IdC=7466&IdF=26666

Omer Pasha Movies 1,2,3,'The Curse' and 'Come To Me' cover the themes of good vs. evil, witches, gowls ,dancing girls, curses, religions , 2012 predictions, atheist vs. theist to style, fashion and documentation on film festivals in the United States to drag queen culture in Vancouver, Canada to the World War II eras and to the rise and fall of Adolf Hitler.

All films have been filmed in Islamabad, Lahore ,Pakistan to New York City and Los Angeles to Toronto, Ontario and Vancouver, BC. All films post-produced in Vancouver, BC.
General viewers can google or youtube title films.

Omer Pasha Movies-Cannes 2010 Promos:


Omer Pasha Movies Part 1
1. Long Live Germany
2. Who Are You (Blue Bottles of Suffering)
3. The 9/11 Haunting 2012
4. The Curse (Canadian Edition)
5. Who Are You (Canadian Edition)
6. Come To Me (Canadian Edition)
7. French Curses (2012 Edition)
8. Who Are You (2012 Edition)
9. The Curse (2012 Edition)
10. Who Are You (Hollywood Edition)
11. Come To Me (2012 Edition)

Omer Pasha Movies Part 2
1. The Richard Dawkin Errors
2. Welcome To Toronto
3. To God
4. To Bible
5. To Torah
6. To Atheist
7. Come To Me (Karbala Edit)
8. Egyptian Curses (2012 Edition)
9. Dawkin's Mistake
10. Nazi Celebration II

Omer Pasha Movies Part 3
1. The NYIIFVF Experience
2. The Knights Of Manhattan (Hollywood Edition)
3. The Knights Of Manhattan (New York City Edition)
4. Los Angeles Independent Film Festival (Special Edition)
5. The Curse (New York City Premiere)
6. Brampton Boys Want Orange County Girls
7. Drag Vancouver

The Curse
1. The Curse (Forebodings/Original Version)
2. The Curse (Unveiled/Original Version)
3. Who Are You (Original Version)

Come To Me
1.Happy Times With Nikki
2.Happy Times With Naheed
3.The Haunting Begins
4.The Calling
5.The Fight
6.The Curse Unveils (Unveiled)
7.French Curses
8.Egyptian Curses
9.Come To Me (short)
10.The Battle
11.Black Magic (The Curse Forebodings & Who Are You Rock Remix)
12.Who Are You (Original Edition)

Cannes Market 2010/ Marché du Film
Festival De Cannes 2010


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